H9 Moments

H9 Moments creates the frames around your event. You can rent our assembly rooms for your greatest moments like wedding, birthday, reception or other festive events. Our rooms can be rented separately, or you can rent the entire building. Our competent people will help you create the night of your dreams.

We tailor the event of your wishes and only your creativity is the limit. Do you wish to invite your employees to a day with teambuilding or conferences, you can rent our assembly rooms or the entire building. Are you hosting a wedding, anniversary or another kind of private party, and are you looking for the perfect room with people who can arrange the entire evening, our team is prepared to make your perfect night come true. Our team has a lot of experience in event planning and together we plan over 500 events a year.

We match expectations with you on a no-obligation meeting and we make a customized event perfect for you. Contact us today and we will gladly set a meeting, where we can discuss your options over a cup of coffee.