Before you read this, it is important for us to emphasize that we do not expect you to come in a suit or dress every time you visit Halmtorvet 9. You are more than welcome to swing by after your swim at Bryggen during the day, enjoy a beer before heading home in the evening, or just savor an espresso martini with friends before going to a restaurant, quickly throwing on a hoodie because you need to catch your train.

At Halmtorvet 9, we have a dress code that comes into effect in the evening, which is a blend of business casual and minimalist casual.

An example of a combination of these two elements could be:

  • A t-shirt / crop top
  • Jeans / pants
  • A pair of sneakers, high heels, or nice shoes that match
  • Accessories that match

Since we transform into a party house in the evening, we do not recommend showing up in the following attire:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Football jerseys (National team jerseys are an exception – See you every year at the Euros & World Cup. 😉)
  • Sportswear and sports shorts
  • Swim shorts

The following shorts are perfectly fine to wear:

  • Denim
  • Linen
  • Chino

We are generally very accommodating at the door and open to dialogue as we want to have a place where everyone is welcome. However, we recommend adhering to the dress code to avoid being denied entry by our door staff, who make ongoing assessments at the door.

If you are in doubt about what Business Casual and Minimalistic Casual are, you are always welcome to contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or via our info email: info@halmtorvet9.dk.

Please note: Telephone contact is not reserved for questions regarding the dress code.

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Halmtorvet 9

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