About H9

Our 400 m2 house was originally a stable for the tradesmen’s horses, when the tradesmen did business in the Meatpacking District. Later, the stable was converted into a garage, and in the last 10 years, the building has been the frame of the legendary PH café. If the walls could speak, they would tell of plenty of golden moments during the years. H9 has preserved the soul from the past and will keep on feeding the walls with great laughter, conversations and special moments.

When you step into the assembly rooms of H9, you step into a nice, low-key atmosphere: Green plants, historical timber framing and a warm lightning together with the industrial interior creates a unique magic that sets the mood of your event, no matter which room you choose to use.

We are centrally located with 50 meters from the Metro, 5 minutes walk from the main train station, and with the P-house 200 meters from our entrance.

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Halmtorvet 9

TEL: +45 31 31 99 99