Fits up to 140 standing

Fits up to 60 seated

H9 bar

H9 Lounge is a stylish sanctuary, masterfully designed with lounge furniture at varying levels to create a welcoming atmosphere. Here, in a space where the historic timber framing beautifully complements modern, industrial design, an experience is offered that is both authentic and innovative.


During the day, H9 Lounge provides a laid-back environment, perfect for casual meetings over both hot and cold beverages. As evening falls, our venue transforms into a vibrant nightlife epicenter with dim lighting and seductive rhythms from our DJs. Our signature cocktails, beers, and a carefully selected assortment of drinks are designed to enhance your evening.


H9 Lounge is not just a meeting place; it is a space where presence and companionship are celebrated.


With high ceilings, we give room to create unforgettable moments.


Facilities include a fully equipped AV package with wireless microphones and a large screen, along with corresponding restrooms.


Discover the perfect combination of historical patina and modern elegance at Halmtorvet 9 – an iconic venue where each visit is a unique event in itself. Contact us to reserve H9 Lounge for your next event.

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Rental Terms for Halmtorvet 9

Halmtorvet 9 is dedicated to providing flexible and professional settings for your company’s events and gatherings. With our versatile venues, we offer customized solutions that precisely fit your needs.

Venue Options:

Individual Rooms: Choose the room that fits the size and character of your event. Each room is equipped with modern facilities and offers a unique atmosphere.

Entire Venue: For larger events, we offer exclusive access to our entire venue, ensuring an integrated and cohesive experience for your guests.

Courtyard: Our charming courtyard is available for outdoor events and can be rented either as a whole or in partitioned areas to create a more intimate space.

Catering and Services:

Catering: We have established partnerships with first-class catering companies to ensure a culinary experience that complements your event. Our full-service solution includes a selection of menus that can be customized to your preferences and the theme of the event.

Customized Service: We understand the importance of personalization and are committed to accommodating specific requests to ensure that your event reflects your company’s values and objectives.


All our venues are designed with comfort and functionality in mind and include corresponding restrooms, ensuring a convenient and pleasant experience for all participants.

By choosing Halmtorvet 9 as your event venue, you are selecting a place that values quality and professionalism. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your event is executed with an impeccable standard of service and attention to detail.

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Halmtorvet 9

TEL: +45 31 31 99 99