Fits up to 140 standing

Fits up to 60 seated

H9 bar

H9 Bar is a modern take on a low-key bar with hot and cold beverages and a cozy atmosphere. H9 Bar is also the perfect venue before a concert at H9 Live or a party with your friends. When it gets dark outside, we turn down the lights, and our DJ turns up the music. Besides creating a magical mood for you and your friends, we also make sure you are being served with homemade cocktails and refreshing beverages.

The bar invites to “hygge” and intimacy. Our green plants twine up the walls and the old timber-framing is preserved, while industrial interior gives the bar an edge and reminds us of the good old days, when the building was used as a stable. The ceilings are high and there are plenty of room to create memories with friends.

Every Thursday we invite to Live Jazz from 9 pm at the H9 Bar.

H9 Bar is rented as assembly room for private events, conferences and office parties etc.

The room has its own bathroom.

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Our assembly rooms can be rented separately, or you can rent the entire building. Likewise, the garden can be rented separately, or you can rent a separated area of the garden as a supplement to a room.

We offer full service with catering from companies we collaborate with. We customise the event to your wishes.

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Halmtorvet 9

TEL: +45 31 31 99 99