Fits up to 90 standing

Fits up to 45 seated

H9 Event

Are you looking for a centrally located venue for your event in Copenhagen, H9 Event is the perfect solution. The historical building has preserved its soul from the golden age of the Meatpacking District, and the marks of the past are still visible. Big light bulbs are hanging from the timber framing in the ceiling and generate warm lightning. The walls are decorated with green plants and with the rough, industrial interior the room holds a perfect atmosphere for an amazing night.

If you walk through the great glass doors, you will find the garden. Our garden has heat lamps, and it is possible to separate an area just for your guests. You can also rent the entire garden with the room.

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Our assembly rooms can be rented separately, or you can rent the entire building. Likewise, the garden can be rented separately, or you can rent a separated area of the garden as a supplement to a room.

We offer full service with catering from companies we collaborate with. We customise the event to your wishes.

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Halmtorvet 9

TEL: +45 31 31 99 99